Water Purification Systems

You look for an ideal water purification system?


membraPure offers you:

  • a wide range of cartridges for specific types of contaminants
  • fast cartridge replacement
  • monitoring for high precision measurement
  • easy-to-use interface
  • reliability that you can expect by our worldwide support service
The Aquinity² is fed directly from municipal or potable tap water, whereas the Astacus² needs deionised water. Both systems ensure a high level of convenience at low operating costs.

Aquinity² ultrapure water systems are equipped with a reverse osmosis (RO) and/or an optional electro-deionisation (EDI) cell to produce deionised water. The systems feature 10l, 35l or 70l storage reservoirs which are filled at a production rate of 10l/h. The deionised water can be dispensed straight from this reservoir. In the next step the ultrapure water is produced with an optimized combination of activated carbon and mixed bed cartridges.

As an additional option the new Aquinity² and Astacus² models enable remote diagnosis and service via the internet. This Remote Check offers you the opportunity to save time and money with fast and reliable support from our service team.


membraPure ultrapure water systems

Advantages of the new systems

  • Compact housing
  • Large touchscreen
  • Remote service module
  • Intuitive software
  • New flexible and lockable dispenser
  • Easy access for cartridge exchange
  • Up to 12 months trackable water quality values

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Type I water directly from tap water

Aquinity² P10

Aquinity² P35 / P70

Aquinity² E35 / E70


Type I water from DI water


AquaRO² & EDI²

innovative labwater systems

AquaRO² & EDI²

“We can only confirm that our ultrapure water system from membraPure was designed exactly to our needs and performs its service flawlessly. It does not need more than the previously estimated maintenance costs.  Thanks again for the good products and the performance.“

Mr. Reva, Bavarian Nordic GmbH, Martinsried
“The Aquinity P10 has a very nice handling concept with this nice big touch screen and a large capacity of the cartridges.“

Dr. Natalia Botnariuc
Oncologic Institute of the Republic of Moldowa
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