Amino Acid Analysis – Ion Chromatography

Two systems for chromotography: The membraPure ARACUS amino acid analyser (AAA) works fast and simple for the analysis of amino acids. Our IONUS ion chromatograph can detect bromate with a level of 5 ppb.

membraPure offers two systems for chromatography: the amino acid analyser (AAA) and ion chromatograph (IC). Both systems combine classic analysing methods with innovative technology.

The AAA system of the new generation ARACUS makes analysis of amino acids more modern, fast and simple. It uses the classic means of routine analysis in amino acids by post-column derivatisation with ninhydrin, also known as the “gold standard”.

A new procedure was developed which allows for the analysis of physiological and hydrolysate amino acids with the same buffer system and column.

The ARACUS amino acid analyser has a compact design consisting of three individual units: the main unit, the autosampler and the eluent rack EluBox. The software is very user friendly, self-explanatory and meets the latest GLP criteria.


The ion chromatography system IONUS conducts fast analysis of anions with and without suppressor technique as well as cations.

In a special version the IONUS can detect bromate with a level of 5 ppb. The transition metals and bromate are detectable after derivatisation and with the membraPure single wavelength detector based on LED technology. This produces results with the highest precision, reproducibility and accuracy.

The IONUS has a compact design consisting of two individual units: the main unit and the auto sampler. The software is very user friendly and self-explanatory.


Genaueste Methode mit innovativer Technik auch für Kliniken und Pharma


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ARACUS system is very convenient and useful for the analysis of amino acid composition in foodstuff.”

Dr. Kee-Sung Kim
Technology Institute of Mongolia
“We are very satisfied with the product and service of membraPure. Our ARACUS/A300 system is very stable in long time running (24/7 operation) and has an excellent accuracy and reliability. We will continue our cooperation with membraPure.”